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Privacy Consideration with NimbleText Live

In order to better understand how NimbleText is used I occasionally sample the patterns and delimiters that people enter into the free online version of NimbleText (at I never sample the data (the first textarea) or the output (the last textarea) because the risk that they contain confidential personal information or privileged business information is much higher. I do *not* need the stress ;-)

As a result, when you use the live version of NimbleText you should be aware that you have less privacy than when using the downloaded Desktop version.

I try to anonymize the patterns so that I don't know who is creating it (for example, I never store the IP address of the person who created the pattern). Despite this, I expect that situations will arise where the patterns contain information that could easily be traced back to a particular business. I've worked as a small brow-beaten cog in large corporate machines for so long that I've developed a severe allergy to business risk. Hence, I've set up the sampling system to automatically delete samples that are more than 90 days old. I do not sell the information I collect. It's *only* purpose is to try and give our developer (i.e. me, Leon) a better understanding of how NimbleText is used in the so-called real world.

For example, by looking at the patterns that people create, I've realised that people are often generating batches of file operations (in a variety of operating systems) and often generating Json. These are two usages that were not previously described in any of the online help, but will be in future. I've also gained an insight into the kind of mistakes that users typically make when creating patterns. I see that 'off by one' errors in selecting columns are common, as are bugs around situations when people do or do not need to wrap the output in single or double quotes. I might add features to the desktop version to help these scenarios. Also, I've seen, again and again, that the simplest patterns are the best.

If you are at all uncomfortable with your patterns being seen by others then I strongly suggest you stop using NimbleText online. I suggest you instead use the downloadable desktop version.

I never sample patterns, data or results from the Desktop version.

—Leon Bambrick, Creator of NimbleText.




You need to purchase a license to unlock all the features in NimbleText.

If you haven't downloaded NimbleText yet, then for added power, privacy and versatility I sincerely think you should download it now.

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