Need an answer? Need a video answer?

If you have any questions about using NimbleText, I am very happy to answer them by email (write to 'Support omit this @ omit this').

But I am also very happy to record a short tutorial demonstrating how I arrive at the answer.

Screen Casts

Short tutorials to get you started.

There are also many screenshots, and much detailed help available.

I'm always trying to discover what are the best tutorials to help new users, and what are the best tutorials to take existing users from average to expert.

I often contact existing customers to try and determine what would help them the most. But if you have any suggestions (or questions) please let me know, 'Support omit this @ omit this'.

Reordering Columns

Really simple example, to get started, showing the most basic operation of reordering columns.

Create a class (using $ONCE and $EACH)

We create a class using the powerful $ONCE and $EACH keywords.

Create a constructor (and store it as a snippet)

An example of generating some C# code, and using some of the built in snippets and functions to make life easy. We then store the result as a snippet that we can re-use later.

DateDiff (using a snippet)

Now in this example we really kick it up a notch. This uses an embedded javascript expression, embedded in bee-stings like this, '<%' and '%>'. But rather than typing out a big expression I just use a snippet that I've prepared earlier.

You can try this example live too.

Here's the same four movies packaged in a different way.