Should I automate it?

Manual Cost

How long does it take to do manually, once?


How many times will it need to be done?


What is the price of the person who will do it manually?

dollars per hour

What percent of the time, when doing it manually, will a mistake occur?

percent (between 10 and 100) See: Mooney's Law Of Guaranteed Failure

How long does it take to correct a mistake?


Total Manual Cost:

Automation Cost

What is the price of the person who can automate it?

dollars per hour

How long will it take to automate it? (Including testing)


Total Automation Cost:


It will cost you less to automate than you will spend doing it manually.

(You will be given a URL of your own)

Why automate it with NimbleText? NimbleText directly attacks the terms of the equation to tip things in favor of automation.

NimbleText is quick to use! Everything about it has been refined toward a goal of simplicity.
So the time to automate is reduced right down.

NimbleText is for everyone! The "concept count" is very low, the syntax clean and unobtrusive.

NimbleText is free or cheap No need for expensive consultants, or industry certified specialists.

Available online or for download Just download and run. Or use it in your browser. Put it on the commandline for complete automation.

Extract data from text Squeeze value out of unstructured nonsense.

Manipulate data or generate code Create HTML, SQL, C#, JSON, XML, batch files, Ruby... name your poison.