Feature Checklist

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Feature Live Desktop DesktopLicense
Text manipulation Yes Yes Yes
Light-weight patterns Yes Yes Yes
$Once and $Each Keywords Yes Yes Yes
Privacy   Yes Yes
Full set of Keywords   Yes Yes
Work offline   Yes Yes
Auto calculate   Yes Yes
Load and save data   Yes Yes
Load and save patterns   Yes Yes
Save results   Yes Yes
Date formatting   Yes Yes
Date parsing     Yes
Contact support     Yes
'Where' Filters     Yes
Treat separators as regular expressions     Yes
Command-line Automation     Yes
Snippet management features     Yes
Sort your data     Yes
Sort data by column     Yes
Custom data sorting     Yes
Invert your data     Yes
Random order     Yes
Remove duplicates     Yes
Sort your results     Yes
Sort results by column     Yes
Custom result sorting     Yes
Invert your results     Yes
Support future development!     Yes

The goal of NimbleText is to build a solid tool that makes you super productive.

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—Leon Bambrick, Founder.

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