NimbleText: the Home of TADMAP

What is TADMAP?

Text and Data, Manipulation and Processing... TADMAP!

Whether you think of it as processing text, manipulating data, generating code, transforming text or any other combination of terms, TADMAP is what NimbleText excels at.

If we'd thought of the name TADMAP before we thought of NimbleText, we probably would've called the product that, because TADMAP is what we do.

Tools for Text and Data Manipulation and Processing

NimbleText as a TADMAP tool is more versatile than Excel and easier to master than a complete general purpose language like Python or Perl, less arcane that unix tools like sed and awk. It has an easier on-ramp than statistical tools like Minitab or 'r' and far fewer pitfalls and dependencies than a complete relational or analytical database system.

For TADMAP turn to:

  • Excel
  • Python
  • Perl
  • sed
  • awk
  • r
  • minitab
  • Oracle
  • SQL Server
  • NimbleText!!

It's lightweight, fast, friendly, powerful and versatile.

TADMAP with NimbleText Today!

For the complete TADMAP experience, you should download and use the desktop version of NimbleText.

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