Feature Checklist

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Feature Online Desktop DesktopLicense
LeftOnly Yes Yes Yes
Intersection Yes Yes Yes
Rightonly Yes Yes Yes
Union Yes Yes Yes
XOR   Yes Yes
Work offline   Yes Yes
Load and save lists   Yes Yes
Save results   Yes Yes
Swap L/R   Yes Yes
Title your lists   Yes Yes
Integrate with external tools     Yes
Remove duplicates (i.e. 'distinct')     Yes
Count duplicates (i.e. 'group and count')     Yes
Sort your results     Yes
Sort by column     Yes
Custom Sort     Yes
Natural Joins     Yes
Join on column     Yes
'Contains' Join     Yes
Invert the results     Yes
Shuffle results     Yes
Find/Replace/Find Next     Yes
Command-line automation     Yes
Command-line help tool     Yes
Support future development!     Yes

The goal of NimbleText.com is to build solid tools that make you super productive.

By purchasing a license you help me concentrate on achieving that goal.
—Leon Bambrick, Founder.

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