SQL Master Class

There's a whole series of articles to help you use NimbleText to generate SQL.

Even a very skilled SQL Developer can't avoid repetition in their queries. SQL doesn't have all of the sophisticated features of other languages that let you avoid repetitive behaviour. (For example, one query can't inherit from another... wouldn't that be fun, and terrifying.)

So NimbleText is here to speed you up when writing ad-hoc queries.

Need help generating a particular query?

Just email Support omit this @ omit this NimbleText.com and ask!

Further help

You can also get general help, help on all the symbols and keywords, or on the built-in functions, filtering with a where clause, help with the powerful command-line automation, or applying custom formats to your dates and times.

You need to purchase a license to unlock all the features in NimbleText.

If you haven't downloaded NimbleText yet, then for added power, privacy and versatility I sincerely think you should download it now.

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