Generate An HTML Definition List (<DL> <DT> <DD>) in No Time At All!

Turn this tab-separated list of terms and definitions:

Allegator	One who alleges
Borborygm	A rumbling of the stomach
Boustrophedon	A back and forth pattern
Crudivore	An eater of raw food
Fard	Face-paint, makeup
Firkin	A quarter barrel or small cask
Gongoozle	To stare at, kibitz
Lagopodous	Like a rabbit's foot
Lollygag	To move slowly, fall behind
Oocephalus	An egghead
Pettifogger	A person who befuddles others
Widdershins	In a counterclockwise direction

Into this semantically correct HTML definition list:

  <dt>Allegator</dt><dd>One who alleges</dd>
  <dt>Borborygm</dt><dd>A rumbling of the stomach</dd>
  <dt>Boustrophedon</dt><dd>A back and forth pattern</dd>
  <dt>Crudivore</dt><dd>An eater of raw food</dd>
  <dt>Fard</dt><dd>Face-paint, makeup</dd>
  <dt>Firkin</dt><dd>A quarter barrel or small cask</dd>
  <dt>Gongoozle</dt><dd>To stare at, kibitz</dd>
  <dt>Lagopodous</dt><dd>Like a rabbit's foot</dd>
  <dt>Lollygag</dt><dd>To move slowly, fall behind</dd>
  <dt>Oocephalus</dt><dd>An egghead</dd>
  <dt>Pettifogger</dt><dd>A person who befuddles others</dd>
  <dt>Widdershins</dt><dd>In a counterclockwise direction</dd>

It takes but a moment, with this NimbleText pattern:

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$EACH  <dt>$0</dt><dd>$1</dd>

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