You want to generate a HTML Radio-button list?

You have some data such as this list of modes of transport:


And you want to create a radio button list, including labels for each option, something like this:

Just use this fine little pattern here:

try it →
<input type="radio" class="radio" 
   name="Transport" value="$0" id="$0" />
    <label for="$0">$1</label>

Go ahead and try it online. Have a play, see what you can do. Go on! Knock yourself out!

It doesn't matter how complex the repeating piece of text, it's all the same to NimbleText. NimbleText is a multiplier of your mental effort.

There are also guides for other examples of Automated HTML creation with NimbleText:

Further help

You can also get general help, help on all the symbols and keywords, or on the built-in functions, filtering with a where clause, help with the powerful command-line automation, or applying custom formats to your dates and times.

You need to purchase a license to unlock all the features in NimbleText.

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